Grade Four


Swallow Swoop Block

Circling Block – Upper and Lower

Elbow Block

Kicking Blocks


Double Strikes

Leopard Fist

Eagle Claw Strike


Turning Kicks

Shin Kick

Hooked Kick

Ground Work

Back to back Sparring Technique

Defence Against Standing Attacker


Downward Wrist Capture Using Eagle Claw

Inward Wrist Capture Using Eagle Claw

Upward Wrist Capture Using Eagle Claw

Fold Over – Counter to Upward Wrist Capture

Drop Elbow Breakout – Counter to Raised Arm Grab

Figure Four Arm-lock


Shoulder Throw from Punch Attack

Jumping Choke Throw

Arm Bar / Head Wrap Throw


Sun / Dragon Exercise – Light Dragon / Heavy Sun

Cross Arm Exercises

Small Disengage (II)

Large Disengage (II)

Elbow Roll to Armlock from Push

Cross Exercises

Swallow Swoop / Double Punch on Centerline

Circling Block – Upper / Eagle Claw Strike

Circling Block – Lower / Side Leopard Fist

Weight Shifting

Sweeping Forearm / Inverted Tiger Claw

Descending Palm / Spear Hand

Ascending Palm / Flatfist Strike

One Step Sparring

Swallow Swoop / Wrap, Knee Kick, Takedown

Circling Block – Upper / Push

Ascending Palm / Capture and Pull

Elbow Block Counter

Heavy Arm (III)

Soft / Heavy Strikes


Combined Box Form

Punching Form

Soft Blocking Form

Combined Staff Form

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