Grade Three


Forward Twisted Stance

Base Stance

7 Stars Stance


Upper Cross Block

Lower Cross Block

Lower Sweeping Parry

Sweeping Forearm Block

Descending Forearm Block

Descending Palm Block

Ascending Palm Block


Hook Punches (all directions)

Elbow Strikes (all directions)

Tiger Claw Strike

Tiger Mouth Strike

Spear Hand Strike


Inner Crescent Kick

Outer Crescent Kick

Knee Kick

Ground Work

All Rolls and Breakfalls (revision)


Dissolve Down Against Raised Arm Grab

Follow the Limb Against Raised Arm Grab

Side Push Against Raised Arm Grab

Elbow Press Against Equal Hand Rear Shoulder Grab

Wrap Around Against Opposite Hand Rear Shoulder Grab

Outside Wrist Twist Capture Using Tiger Mouth

Reverse Dragon Roll Takedown


Cross Leg Reaping Throw

Throw from Bearhug

Hip Throw from Double Lapel Grab


Blocking Exercise (all 15 blocks)

Stance Exercise (all 15 stances)

Stance / Blocking Exercise

Cross Arm Exercises

Hand Change

Small Disengage (I)

Large Disengage (I)

Spring Attack (I)

Spring Attack (II)

Cross Exercises

Upper Cross Block / Upper Elbow Strike

Lower Cross Block / Upper Hook Punch

Sweeping Forearm Block / Low Inverted Tiger Claw

Descending Forearm / Rising Tiger Mouth Strike

Weight Shifting

Upper Parry / Palm Thrust

Wing Hand / Ridge Hand

Inner Block – High / Backfist

Inner Block – Low / Side Palm Thrust

One Step Sparring

Upper Cross Block / Catch and Draw Back

Lower Cross Block / Rear Bent Leg Lock

Descending Palm Block / Backfist

Sweeping Forearm Block / Elbow Strike, Backfist, Tiger Claw to Groin

Heavy Arm (II)

Add Inner Strike and Dragon Roll Strike


Box Striking Form

Box Blocking Form


Staff Form (II)

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